The Grashopper is a revolution in a time when footwear is following the most narrowly defined dictates of fashion, and the classic ladies’ shoe features a slim, pointed style, usually with a stiff leather sole. Comfort just simply does not factor in. Music from the US, affordable travel and, above all, the Student Movement, give the 1960s their contemporary flair. 1964 is the perfect moment for a casual shoe that takes on the theme of time and becomes a symbol of a generation: freedom, idealism and self-determination. Inventor and founder of Sioux, Peter Sapper, designed Germany’s first moccasin in its natural form. When the Grashopper was presented for the first time, it was subject to its fair share of amazement, a little ridicule, but also plenty of admiration. The Grashopper would go on to become the most successful Sioux shoe with worldwide respect and copied many times.  

The pioneer in modern casual wear. The Grashopper already stood for “freedom of feet” in the 1960s and quickly overstepped formal boundaries. It is still as nature made it, even years later: strikingly supple with a natural rubber crepe sole and comfort that your whole body will love. The moccasin sneaker is making its comeback after 50 years featuring new colours and outer materials, colourful shoelaces and contrasting seams.

In addition to the Original version with its crepe sole, new models have also joined the Grashopper family. Above all, innovative, fashionable soles define the look of the New Generation footwear: the real rubber light-cell sole in white or other colours or the light shark sole with its striking teeth.  

Some of the season’s highlights for women include spacy, colourful, flowery styles, particularly in the fashionable fringed look. Patent leather is combined with fine goatskin nubuck – silver, colourful patent leather circles and dark blue polished effects conjure up glamour for your feet. Spring-like florals and imaginative mixes of colours can be found on hard-wearing textiles. The denim shoe tops the fashionable charts with men.