Feel the Indian Spirit Grashopper and a love of craftsmanship

With every step you take, you can see and feel the care and passion to detail that goes into each Grashopper. From the cutting of the leather through to the stitching, pinching and sole assembly, a Grashopper is made purely by hand. This much-loved moccasin, with its outstanding fit and unbeatable comfort, is made by our shoemakers at the Sioux factory in the Portuguese town of Lousada, in a process comprising roughly 150 individual stages. The fact that they are Made in Europe makes them a little more expensive than rival products from East Asia.

Follow the rhythm of nature Grashopper and fine leather 

A leather Grashopper is handmade from the finest leather, in harmony with people, animals and the environment. The unique quality is also reflected in the tanning process. All the leather originates from European tanneries who boast a sustainable environmental management system. Only carefully selected leather that has been tested for harmful substances goes into making a Grashopper; fine calf suede or soft calf or kid leather for the Metallic Grashopper, to name just a couple of the leathers used most often by German shoe manufacturer Sioux.

38 parts that make up a whole Grashopper and the moccasin form

Whilst moccasins are all the rage, they are nonetheless based on one of the world’s oldest manufacturing methods. Native Americans have long valued the comfort they offer. They have always been hand-stitched in soft full-grain leathers and are exceptionally soft. The fact that the shoe fits perfectly around the foot is because the leather section wraps around it completely. The striking moccasin seam is a signature feature that connects the leather section below the front of the foot with the leather upper. This seam is the signature of the moccasin. Sioux is the inventor of the moccasin in Germany. The founder of Sioux, Peter Sapper, came back from America with the idea of producing moccasins for Germany. His ancestors had returned to Germany after many generations in America.

On soft soles Grashopper and the natural crepe rubber sole

Walk like a Native American. Lightly and quietly. The Grashopper shoes have inimitable wearing and walking comfort, are robust and have a great grip. The crepe sole gives the shoe that certain something and is characteristic of the Original Grashopper.


The Original Grashopper always features a crepe sole. Crepe is a completely natural material. It is a processing form of natural rubber that is taken from the bark of a rubber tree. The name crepe stems from a lengthy processes whereby lots of layers of rubber are arranged. Since its creation in 1954, the Grashopper has featured a quiet sole made from natural rubber. In the 50s and 60s, rubber was one of the most frequently used materials in footwear production due to its superior material properties. However, the development of synthetic materials has meant that the use of the natural product has increasingly dropped. This is mainly because genuine natural crepe costs a lot and is expensive in manufacturing and processing. There are only a few footwear manufacturers in the world, including Sioux, who still use genuine natural crepe soles.  


Consequently, natural crepe soles remain something for connoisseurs. Natural crepe is slightly heavier than rubber and EVA but impresses with its flexibility and comfort, its high level of shock absorption and the fact that it is a natural product. Connoisseurs like its particularly vintage character and believe that over time, the soles develop a used look. The Grashopper Original crepe is not sealed and therefore takes up particles from around it. The small, grey or natural coloured areas on the sole suit the Grashopper down to the ground. It’s Mother Earth that gives it its character. The patina on the soles clearly depicts the long journeys that Grashopper accompanies its wearer on through life. 


The #New Generation of Grashopper does not have to hide its best self with its light, flexible rubber sole. Here, Sioux uses compressed, lightweight rubber, making the soles particularly lightweight yet durable. The engineers at Sioux have also made sure that the sole is permeable on the surface, so that the desirable worn look occurs over time. This means that the large Grashopper family truly has something for everyone – for people who love nature and exploring, for urban kids and for travellers.